I purchased these spice blends from Miesfeld’s Market in Sheboygan, WI. I am no chef by any imagination; my family jokes about my food cooking ability. I tried a demo of the spices, and I really liked the Potato Salad Mix, so I purchased it. I followed the directions, I did not cut myself chopping the potatoes, and was able to boil them properly. A big step for me! I brought the prepared potato salad to my parents home for a family gathering, and everyone was very skeptical of eating it. However, once they asked me if I bought it prepared, or how did I make it. I explained the CJ’s Potato Salad Mix and the easiness of preparing it and then my brothers, sister, and parents tried it and were SHOCKED at how good it turned out! Thanks CJ’s for making it simple!

PS. the website video of how to make it made me at least attempt it, thanks.

Cory- WI


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