“Hi CJ’s

For the longest time I bought and tried many different potato salads at the various local markets when I needed some in a pinch for an impromptu family get together or gathering. I also spent time browsing the web for potato salad recipes that made a really good tasting potato salad …to no avail! The deli stuff all seemed to taste the same and more than half of the internet recipes I tried had bland flavor at best.

Then one time when I searched the web for an easy and delicious potato salad recipe, I came across yours. I was completely blown away because my sister’s boy was recently diagnosed with celiac disease! And after reading about Sandy and a few of your customers’ testimonials, I immediately decided to order some. When they arrived I instantly knew that I was going to be in for a treat when I first opened the box that they came in! The packets themselves smell divine!

Not only does your potato salad spice blend have SO MUCH AWESOME FLAVOR, it is also very easy to make. And by using Hellmann’s mayo and Daisy sour cream I know that it will be safe for anyone that is living with a wheat and gluten free diet.

I just placed another order and I chose to get your special, as I’m certain that the dill dip will be equally yummy as your potato salad.

Thanks again for eliminating the need to find an easy potato salad recipe, CJ’s! I will definitely spread the word about you.”

~ Jamie in CO


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