Onion soup mix alternative- CJ’s Premium Onion Dip Mix

My family purchased CJ’s onion dip mix at this years WI Gluten Free Expo in West Bend, WI.  Being a gluten free family, we are always looking for the next best “safe” products for us to enjoy.  I have to state that your onion dip mix is amazing in a crockpot!  The smell, the looks, and the taste were superb over any other product we have tried!  It has to be at least 10 years ago since I have attempted to use any “onion soup mix” in a recipe.  The Knorrs and Liptons are terrible ingredients, I can’t even imagine using them anymore. We love CJ’s and by meeting you at the event really instilled confidence that you will continue to keep your products clean and safe for us, thank you!

The Kruegers- WI



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