Organic dips and potato salad- CJ’s Premium Spices

My sister in law purchased these from the WI State Fair for me this year.  She knows that I am always on the look out for Organic, pure, clean label products.  CJ’s Premium Spices blends fits the bill!  I have made all the products and they are quite possibly the best tasting clean label products that I have experienced!

Being organic, gluten free and extremely delicious has brought my friends and family members together since we can all enjoy these food items without compromising flavor.  Typically when it is healthy most don’t like to eat it; not with CJ’s, everyone finishes off these dips and potato salad.  I have no left-overs!  I have them asking for the “recipe” each time I serve any of these products, it has that “home made” appeal and taste.  Thanks CJ’s for making a clean label product incredibly delicious!

Alissa- CA


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